STOP Interfering in people’s Life.. Think about YOUR Life and Enivonment

Today, I get to hear and see from news channel about King Khan’s take on India and Pakistan. Here, I am not commenting on what he spoke. I am shocked to see  people being punctual and enthusiastic to provide feedback through tweets, posts and comments (pouring in numbers). Are we so much worried about people’s talk and discussing on the same.

There are many other things to think and discuss on… Below are few, which should be bothered about, but everyone is quiet.

Take on Potholes:

  1. I travel 40kms every day from home to office and office to home. Observed there are no roads without potholes. Can’t even imagine these roads during rainy season. While travelling back home during evening, we cannot even distinguish where the pot hole is. Sometimes, we get to see mini pond on the road. Are we so habituated with these roads? Are we not paying taxes?
  1. With one more observation, tar are laid only on the particular area, where the pot holes are. With this, instead of travelling on a straight smooth road, in city we get to experience bumpy roads.
  1. Why to blame entirely on Officials. Consider, freshly tar is laid, there are no bumpy roads. But, we get to enjoy this ONLY for a WEEK trust me. Again, we get to experience the road with pot holes either due to the quality or other officials from different department dug out the road and left unattended

Take on Environment:

  1. Every working professional travel minimum of 15 km every day. We Inhale toxins from vehicle smoke
  2. Lakes are populated and with froth flying all over
  3. Garbage are kept for months on the busy roads without being cleared
  4. No cleanliness around the surroundings
  5. People spitting on the roads and throwing paper on roads
  6. Urinating on foot paths

We are so much tolerant, even though our health is on stake. Some of them are back ache, breathing problems, burns, accidents later on end up losing our loved ones.

Guys!!! WAKE UP!!

Let us be Intolerant on the above issues and other important issue. If we are tolerant on these issues NOW, we will be intolerant in future, which will be too late to handle.

Officials are taking ADVANTAGE for us being tolerant. We are so much busy in our work, no time to see what’s happening around

Be RESPONSIBLE and give some WORK to for their duly assigned profession.

When our honorable PM has come up with Swachh Bharath Campaign. Instead of supporting through tweets or commenting on social media sites.

Please be individually available and do what can be done without procrastinating.

[Image Credit: Ravi Jadav (DNA Post)]

Even tolerant people have a limit, so be careful how far you push them. Sometimes, you may push them to that limit without realizing it until it’s too late- Unknown