When I started this post with the title Love.. some sort of mixed feeling in heart.. I feel love is the greatest and weirdest thing in the world. Love comes with a package which makes you blind(not literally), sacrifice, expectations, taking advantage, brings smile, patience, hope, faith, strength, forgiveness along with sadness, jealousy and with lots of memory.

I just see many people complaining in their personal life.. as a normal observer below are some tips to love your people and surroundings

  1. First and foremost Love yourself. Give time for yourself by doing what you enjoy. Pamper yourself with ice creams or any favorite food.
  2. Saying ‘Thank You’ to as many people as you can. Its one way of giving love
  3. Spend time with your pets and loved ones who does not complain and bring your spirits down
  4. Giving genuine credits to the people around
  5. Forget Past and start loving present and welcome future without any regrets
  6. Spend time with environment which is one way of loving yourself and environment

Above are some tips to bring Love in your life which in turn brings happiness and smile. Being sad and crying has become boring in everyone’s life 🙂 Smile & Love as much as you can and its fun 🙂