Festival around the corner..

It’s Summer and too hot. On a sunday evening around 4.00PM or 5.00PM, I just stepped out of my house. I could see the sun not being harsh or too loving. It was a perfect pleasant evening. I took a walk for furlong and felt should go further for walk. As I started walking, nose  smelled the freshness in air, which all of a sudden made brisk walk slowed down with a smile on the face. Breathing the fresh air, moving forward, my eyes was set on the assorted sizes, colors and mixture of flowers kept in heaps for selling. Also, pleasant sun rays falling on these flower made the flower look more brighter, rich and clearer as a HD Image.

I finally realized ah.. Festival around the corner.

As I was passing on the footpath, as i was nearing these flowers, surrounding was chilled and seller spattering water to make all these flowers smile and get the freshness so buyers can purchase. I could see people around these flower sellers like bees in the bee hives. Hence, I put my steps further fast.

As I walked, on the backdrop I could hear people asking for the prices of assorted flowers, negotiating and buying the flowers as the person leaves, different questions were asked by others and various reply accordingly were given by the flower and fruit sellers. Have to appreciate the patience and calmness in them during festival time.

Even though I pass this road every alternate day, never realized slowing a little bit in the work we do, get to observe and enjoy the beauty of life.

I should say, thank you to these festivals which makes the people slow down and enjoy the beauty of life.