Humans Speak, Dogs Bark

On a normal day, my friend calls me up and tells – he wanted driving license and does not know the procedures.

I proudly replied “why don’t you go to driving school? They will help you in getting one without any hassles & wasting much time. But on one condition – have to pay around Rs.2500. Also, diving school allocates the date and time and insists you to be in RTO. On that particular day, you just have to ride the bike. Within 30 days you get license.I followed the same procedure for my driving license”.

Further, “I insisted him to do the same way”.

My friend did not like the plan and told, he would like to do it by himself rather going to driving school. After few heated conversations, I agreed to his plan.

Next morning, I arrived RTO to support my friend around 10.30am morning. By that time, my friend had collected a challan with all the documents set up and was waiting for signature from RTO inspector. Before going to the story, below are the procedures for taking DL (Driving License) in RTO KORMANGALA, BDA COMPLEX


Fill online document with details and take print out and get original LL with an Envelope.

  1. Submit the online document in the counter (This is at the extreme left once u arrive at the RTO 2nd Room #12.) Challan for Rx. 151 should be taken in the counter.
  2. Challan should be attached with Original LL, with an envelope. Envelop can contain home address or the office address along with stamp. Next to the counter, officer will verify the documents and provide the number on the document with his signature and directs to next step
  3. RTO Inspector signature should be taken
  4. Next, click picture for the smart car
  5. Once the picture is clicked, data will be entered in the computer. (Till here, all these procedures will followed in 2nd Floor, Room#12)
  6. Once the procedures are completed, go to the ground floor on extreme corner (If entered from BDA front gate, it’s on the right and then left. If entered from back gate, comes on extreme Left and then take left again) where official parking is done.
  7. An official will be sitting with a broken chair, where he checks and updates the details of insurance, emission and RC# (carry originals) on the verified document
  8. If you are lucky, person who inspect the test will be present in the ground floor or else should go back to 2nd floor, room# 13. Inform the person to invigilate the test
  9. Once he approves the test, again come back to the ground floor (mentioned in step 7) to hand over the approved documents and return back.
  10. After 30 days, DL will be delivered to the address mentioned in the envelop

So, we were waiting for RTO inspector signature (as step 3). When we were sitting, I see more than government RTO officials, driving school people around. Every day they help in getting an average of 15 candidates DL. As the time was flying, candidates from driving school were in and forming queue to take challan as well as for verification of documents (as Step 1 and 2).  After waiting for more than 15 min around (10.45am) most of the officials were just entering the office.

As we were unknowing about the procedures, few minutes later and seeing these officers settling down, I just went and asked one of them –

What the next procedure is, after taking the signature of RTO inspector?

The officer replied ‘you just have to take the test since you are from driving school’

I replied, ‘I dint come from driving school, applying DL personally’.

The official explained the next procedure and showed me the place where to click picture (as Step 4) and dint give brief about Data entry (as in step 5). As the time flew, people were forming line to click picture. So, I insisted my friend to stand near the RTO officer room and I would stand in the queue for clicking picture. So need not have to stand as the last person once he gets signature from the Inspector.

Don't Bark, Please Speak

Within few seconds of my friend standing in front of RTO officer room, there were more than 15 people behind him. After waiting for more than 15min, RTO officer enters the room.  It reminded me of a movie where king enters the palace and all others will be standing to welcome after a long wait.

As I stood in the other line and clueless about next procedure, I asked another official who was standing next to me for the next procedure. First question he asked was “Are you from driving school?” I was little bit confused, and thought why every official is asking the same question. I replied smiling, I am applying DL personally and kept quiet. Then, official replied, after taking picture, data entry should be done and left the place all of a sudden.

Still not knowing in which queue to stand for data entry, my friend joined me queue. I see this Kormangala RTO office was monopolized by driving school. Also, each officer has personal assistant (unofficially), who are from driving school and helps in getting Driving License (DL) within few minutes.

I was getting anxious for not knowing where to go ahead for data entry, which is the next procedure and my friend was about to come out of the room after clicking his picture.

Further, I went and asked, where is the place for data entry? Without listening fully, official shouted back saying “how many times should I have to reply, go take data entry“. I lost my patience stood far from these officers and at the same time I could see my friend coming out completing his photo shoot. When he neared, I told him to ask these officials, Where to go for “Data Entry”?

Finally, I could see official showing some direction for data entry. The hand signal, where officer was directing, there was a wall. I asked my friend, which place should we go? He gave me clueless look. This does not stop here, again we went and asked another officer place for “Data Entry”. He replied, go from back. We saw there was no passage to enter from backside and all the four side was walls. We thought, it’s time to leave and get back tomorrow. Officer saw us leaving and came to know we are clueless, he called us and finally directed us properly to the correct places.

After data entry, we were excited and thought only one more thing left out, i.e., riding bike. Finally, we went to the place where they directed (as mentioned in step 6). Successfully, without much wait, official entered the details of RC number and Insurance number on the documents we were carrying (as in step 7).  All over again, we had to wait for inspector to come and invigilate the test.

Inspector did not turn up for a long time, we were getting bored by seeing people around. All of a sudden, one more officer comes in and directs us to back to Room 13, which is in 2nd floor (as in step 8). Additional, he directs us to take inspector signature once the test is completed and informs us to get back to the same place.

With that scorching sun and after much wait, we went back again to 2nd floor. There was again a big queue to take signature from official. My friend stood in the queue and entered the room. Officer scolded my friend for not waiting in the ground floor. He directed one of the police women to observe riding bike from 2nd floor. My friend went back again to ground floor to give test and I was still in 2nd floor, so that I can take the approved documents and return to ground floor officials as directed.

Once my friend’s test was completed and DL was granted, we were already tired and lost our patience. I collected the approved documents and handed over to officials, who were in ground floor. When I handed the documents to the officer. He yelled at me with anger, the rider should come and submit the documents. With all my controlled patience, I told, he is on his way as he just finished test. Officer collected the documents and told me to leave. I was dumbfounded for his rude behavior (Step 9)

My friend returned his bike and I told him what had happened few minutes back to ask for further information. The officer yelled again and told you will get DL after 30days. My friend asked how we will get. Officer dint reply and got busy with some other work.

After this hell lot of procedures and waiting, we ended up discussing,

  1. For 151 rupees, we got DL by saving more than 2000 rupees and got yelled from crazy government officials
  2. All government officials are common man SERVANTS not SERVANTS for driving school or any other people
  3. The salary which the government SERVANTS get, are the taxes what common man pays
  4. May be these officials has to reply people, who show up daily. But it’s your Job. Have PATIENCE and give proper information
  5. Government should educate or write the procedures on the board, so that no one would come to any of the officials for the procedures
  6. Even though there is “May I help you?” desk, it’s of no use.
  7. Entertain people like US not DRIVING SCHOOL
  8. Most of the Government officials bark at people, I think only Dogs bark. Humans Speak
  9. We common people speak about corruption. According to me, corruption will never be stopped, because we common people go for shortcuts and end up paying huge money not only for driving school. Driving school in turn pay these Government SERVANTS.

I decided and learned lesson through short cuts. Realized that, I am giving an opportunity to get barked from officials. Also, decided to take leave from school or college or Office for doing my OWN job and complete it.

From this incident, I feel, if we follow rules, government officials teach us, not to follow rules. If we don’t follow rules, again we are the one who gets punished. Guys, give proper instructions and DECIDE WHAT YOU NEED???

Please don’t bark, SPEAK. We are humans not dogs.


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