Sacrifice.. made me think of you

Yay!! Today is Sunday and day to take rest from all the weekly day work. I got call from my parents today as well, who are enjoying west coast trip. Me and my father chit chatted for few minutes. As the phone speaker was on, from back of my father voice, I heard my mother’s  with full of enthusiasm, asking me a gift for “Mother’s day”?


I was little bit confused with dumbfounded and asked her, we never celebrated Mother’s day till today nor I wished you. Further, you are with your son, which is the biggest gift you can get, was my vague reply.After few minutes, I totally forgot about the conversation.

After my daily work, I was all alone in my room and nobody to disturb, I was browsing through some writer’s website.By browsing and clicking some sites & inter links made me land to The Daily post website. This website user experience which is simple and color combinations made me go through the website contents.

Fortunately or intentionally today’s word prompt was “Sacrifice”. This word gushed me with few good and lot of bad memories with my mother.

As a mother, she always tries and tried to protect me (I think it’s mother behaviour). But, me being little bit independent along with head weight, I always hate her interference in any of my personal things. As I write, few incidents which I think its funny are penned below:

First Incident:

I do still remember, during my kindergarten, without any reason, I was searching for my mom. My grandparents and my uncles told, she has gone to market which is few lanes from our house. I badly wanted to see my mom.

For what reason??

No Idea!!

I took my tricycle and travelled alone on the main road to the market in search of her and got back to home within 15 minutes by getting angry for not seeing her. When I reached home, my grandfather asked me – Where were you? Your mom is searching for you and she is tensed.

I was thinking in my mind, like daily soap, she will hug me, kiss me, love me and convince me for not going out. But, incident happened was totally opposite. When I saw my mom, she was with full of anger and started scolding. After few minutes I was whipped for travelling alone 🙂

Second Incident: 

During my schooling, my mom always visited my friends house every evening to keep my class notes and homework books up to date. I was slow in my writing and was in my own world figuring out the world. I was thinking and imagining unnecessary and unwanted things for configuring life.

Yes!! u read right configuring life, but understood nothing. For not doing the mom’s way, I ended up getting whipped 🙂

Third Incident:

As I grew up, my parents made me join to swimming. As I told you earlier, i was in my dreamland, dreaming about nothing. First few days of joining swimming, she used to take me in auto to swimming pool and bring me back home. She was trying give her best for me but at the end of the day  she was getting none.

Fourth Incident:

My father was working in Mumbai for more than 10yrs. Me, younger brother and my mother always used to travel in train for 24hrs during summer holidays. Me and my brother always used to fight for window seat. I was the one, again getting scoldings as I was older and had to sacrifice everything for my younger brother who is just seeing the world.

When I turn back these pages and look out, incidents seems to be funny and rosy from my end where I used to enjoy giving distress to my mom unknowingly. But, thinking today, she has provided me everything by sacrificing her own body, time, career and life.

Even though, my thoughts and actions are way different from you, by seeing your actions and mistakes, I am able to evolve myself and learn things from you. I may not be expressive and complement for the sacrifices you have done. Just wanted to say

Happy Mother’s day” and Thank You

Img Credits:Pink Blue India




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