Stop Underestimating yourself!!

As there is a saying, kids grow up and learn by seeing their surroundings. Like others, I also grew up by seeing my parents and uncles. We were lower middle class joint family, where sole bread was earned by my father and uncles. In mid-90’s Bangalore was not a silicon city and most of the people had to travel North India for job. My dad also left to Mumbai (city in North India) to earn bread.

So, most of my childhood was with my mother, grandfather, grandmother and uncle.  This is a true story, which took place 15 years back. This is a story of my uncle, who used to stay with us under the same roof.

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Humans Speak, Dogs Bark

On a normal day, my friend calls me up and tells – he wanted driving license and does not know the procedures.

I proudly replied “why don’t you go to driving school? They will help you in getting one without any hassles & wasting much time. But on one condition – have to pay around Rs.2500. Also, diving school allocates the date and time and insists you to be in RTO. On that particular day, you just have to ride the bike. Within 30 days you get license.I followed the same procedure for my driving license”.

Further, “I insisted him to do the same way”.

My friend did not like the plan and told, he would like to do it by himself rather going to driving school. After few heated conversations, I agreed to his plan.

Next morning, I arrived RTO to support my friend around 10.30am morning. By that time, my friend had collected a challan with all the documents set up and was waiting for signature from RTO inspector. Before going to the story, below are the procedures for taking DL (Driving License) in RTO KORMANGALA, BDA COMPLEX

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Sacrifice.. made me think of you

Yay!! Today is Sunday and day to take rest from all the weekly day work. I got call from my parents today as well, who are enjoying west coast trip. Me and my father chit chatted for few minutes. As the phone speaker was on, from back of my father voice, I heard my mother’s  with full of enthusiasm, asking me a gift for “Mother’s day”?


I was little bit confused with dumbfounded and asked her, we never celebrated Mother’s day till today nor I wished you. Further, you are with your son, which is the biggest gift you can get, was my vague reply.After few minutes, I totally forgot about the conversation.

After my daily work, I was all alone in my room and nobody to disturb, I was browsing through some writer’s website.By browsing and clicking some sites & inter links made me land to The Daily post website. This website user experience which is simple and color combinations made me go through the website contents.

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